The Dandin Show

In the spirit of similitude comes the Dandin Show, an audio show where we introduce a selection of tracks found on the website to an English-speaking audience.

In this first episode we kick it off with the new single by Beirut-based Syrian electro-gem Hello, Psychaleppo entitled Badawiya Lovin’. We move on to another electronic trio, WetRobots ❤ Bosaina with their rampaging Disco Me. That’s followed by the rap stylings of Jean ElZein on 3adeileh Bala Zenzeineh (Justice not a Jail Cell) and the show concludes with Alexandrian duo Aqsa Alwasat and their track Shorood (Wandering).

Listen to the Dandin Show here:

Separate links to the tracks:

Badawiya Lovin’ – Hello, Psychaleppo

Disco Me – WetRobots ❤ Bosaina 

3adeileh Bala Zenzeineh – Jean ElZein

Shorood – Aqsa Alwasat 

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