Abadir vs El-Sayed

Grounded in the world of synth, there’s a lot to respect about the music of Rami Abadir and Mostafa El-Sayed in terms of approach and what they’re trying to do. More importantly though, the work sounds good. There’s few things more satisfying than the double whammy of great sounding music coming from artists  who stand firm on not compromising their approach. With nary a laptop in sight, the duo churn out a dense electronic cornucopia of power bass grooves and evolving beats coupled with synth chords and dissonant flourishes.

They are still in the process of recording their new material which Dandin hopes to have up as soon as it’s done. Till then you can hear their separate solo work on the website using the links below.

Rami Abadir on Dandin 

Mostafa El-Sayed on Dandin

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