Dandin Show: Voices from Palestine

The latest episode of the Dandin Show focusses on artists from Palestine. Without getting mawkish but it’s been difficult to avoid the latest onslaught on Gaza and the devastating loss of life that has resulted. And that informed this episode which kicks off with cofounder of the Ramallah Underground Collective, Stormtrap Asifeh. Next up is Osloob followed by Boikutt. Ending the show are Lebanese rappers Edd Abbas and She’rap with a song that addresses the current attack on Gaza.

Hear the Dandin Show: Voices from Palestine 

Separate track listing:

Iradeh – Stormtrap Asifeh 

Bayn El Hagez Wal Mout – Osloob

Al-Missfah – Boikutt

El Rad El Salb – Edd Abbas featuring She’rap

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