Cloud 9 Music Festival

Life just got that little bit grander for us at Dandin towers upon learning of the upcoming Cloud 9 music festival taking place in Nuweiba September 4 – 6. The festival lineup is chock full of doyens and debutants of the contemporary Egyptian music scene spread across the three days (or waves as the organisers are calling it) of the festival.

Many in the lineup are already kicking about on Dandin so it will be particularly enjoyable to see them perform at the same event. What is even more heartening is the existence of such a festival in the first place, another string to the bow that will help shed light on many talented artists that are enriching local music in various styles and genres.

This is the second iteration of the festival, the first having took place last January, and alongside the performances there will be a series of workshops. And in true Lollapalooza fashion, attendees are getting in on the act with cool side offerings such as body painting and the like.

The festival will be held at the Maagana Beach Camp 7 km north of Nuweiba City, and there is an emphasis placed on the part of the organisers in making this a Sinai-based festival. The good folk at Scene Noise are already in on the fun and Dandin will be doing a special Cloud 9 playlist (or two) in the days leading up to the festival. For more information on tickets and further information follow the links here, here and here.

The lineup in alphabetical order:

– Adam Awad

– Ahmed Safi

– Bosaina

– Deciphering Stars

Hussein Sherbini

– Ismail

– N/A/A

– Object Obscure

– Of The Earth (debut performance)


– Portrait Avenue

– Pretentious Byrd (DJ Pretentious and Neobyrd)

– RainDogs

– SomeMud

– Stagnant Nebula

– Sue’s Last Ride

– Taylor Rankin

– Teknyk

– The Chicken Came First

– Xuli

– $$$TAG$$$

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