A little funk, a dash of soul, a dollop of a groovy beat on top feel good summer vibes and you get the producer known as BLUFRANK. Not content with remixes of dance classics such as The Bucketheads’ The Bomb, Mr. BLU also indulges in his own original disco funk tunes, much to the delight of all the folks at Dandin.

According to the man himself, what serves as inspiration for his music are the anthemic qualities and concept albums of the major rock bands of the 60’s and 70’s. An attempt to convey the “certain feeling of astonishment you get, that feeling that everything is possible through art and that everything you want to draw can be done by notes” underlies his work.  As such, he never sets out to create that “electro funky synth track.”

In any case, whether playing a set of his original compositions at a club or with his original mixes, BLUFRANK does makes you dance. But he’ll do it incognito, often sporting this particular piece of Japanese Manga character headgear.



Yet you can’t get away from the groove of those beats, although as he insists, he never makes them for the “ass-shaking and the claps,” but rather, as he told Dandinblog, “I want the aspect, the feel and the colors to come across, but at the same time I am not asking for a certain result. The way my music comes out is similar to a non linear film and it has everything and nothing at all, like Seinfeld. It’s life, you never end your day with one message , you end your day with certain conclusions, and you sleep with the one that feels right in your head.” Hear hear.

Hear BLUFRANK’s new track Lazer Wounds on Dandin 

All BLUFRANK tracks on Dandin 


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