Smash Beats Bam

In recent years Egypt has seen a proliferation of top quality electronic producers, which has greatly enriched the music scene. But straight out hip hop producers sans the rapping on top? Not so much. Enter Smash Beats, one of the hottest up and coming hip hop producers  around.

What distinguishes Smash Beats is his languid groove-heavy approach, the kind that forces you into that embarrassing neck bop manoeuvre that should only be done in the privacy of one’s home, and never in public.

Most recently, the producer has been lending his collaborative skills to rapper IAmBamBam for a yet to be released EP entitled KXNGS. BamBam is a supremely talented hip hop artist and one of the few Egyptians on the hip hop scene who raps in English. While awaiting the release of their EP, you can hear each artist’s solo work by clicking the links below.

Smash Beats on Dandin

IAmBamBam on Dandin 

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