Whole Lotta New Releases

Hear the New Releases playlist here.

Loads of new stuff on Dandin in this latest iteration of the New Releases playlist. First up is Dandin’s first Tunisian artist, Fusam, and his track The Dance of the Flickering Flame.  Next up is the track Chaos in Japan off of BluFrank’s latest album.

That’s followed by Karset Nevin with Mafeesh ‘There is Nothing’ before the collaboration on Daye’ ‘Lost’ between Stormtrap Asifeh and Shams Asma. Another collaboration comes next, this time between Al-Mosstanqa’a and Aya Metwalli on Yala ‘Come On’.

Mansoura-based rapper Muhamad Osama is next with Megalomania    before a new remastered version of Rami Abadir’s Ma3lesh ‘Sorry’ comes up.

Off the new Indie album by l0rD comes Nas Weskha ‘Shitty People’ before things take a Oud-based turn with Essam Abdou’s Fatafeat ‘Crumbs’. 

The playlist ends with Perseptic’s electro remix of Wael Eskandar’s Zayef ‘Falsify’. 

The New Releases Playlist. 

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