A Year In Dandin

It’s been a year since the launch of Dandin as an audio platform for the Middle East. And it has been a joy to discover such varied talent along the way from a still nascent, but burgeoning, movement. Whether in music, poetry or other audio formats, the snapshot of this past year has been heady and wildly eclectic.

As such we would like to thank all the artists on the platform, whose output we have immensely enjoyed, and to all our listeners, whom we hope have gotten a kick out of it as much as we have.

We’ll be rolling out a revamp of the website very soon, so the look will change and more functionality will be added to further streamline the process. And after that work will begin on an English mirror site, which will mean incorporating this blog onto the website proper. All in all, changes are afoot and we always appreciate your feedback on all matters small and large.

We’ll sign off with an anniversary playlist, which in a way doubles as a timeline for the past year. Thanks for all the fun.

A Year In Dandin Playlist  

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