Mood Music

A lot of music we listen to because it induces a certain relatable mood, one of a myriad of reasons why people like the music they do. Seeing as at Dandin we do what we want when we want (until our mother says otherwise), we’ve come up with a playlist of what we find to be mood music, though of course not subject to one mood in particular. So moods in all forms then.

We kick off with Ismail Seleit’s beautiful piano-led instrumental Khalda before the mood moves from poignant to pensive on the latest track by The Chikatura, titled In Valerie’s Eyes. Then onwards to the mercurial and mysterious Shlomo Casio, with their track Esmo Eh? and more clicks and pops than Nigel Godrich can shake a stick at.

A menacing bass line sets the mood for 7azzoura, the latest track by that doyen of Hip Hop Edd Abbas. The mood shifts again with Aadi, the new single courtesy of Mai Waleed and Zeid Hamdan off the same-titled new EP. Purveyors of moody eclectic Rock, The Invisible Hands, provide the next track, Slaughterhouse, from their latest album Teslam. And the playlist ends on the haunting quality of Badiaa Bouhrizi and Horreya, from her live performance on Akher Kalam in 2011.

Hear the Mood Music Playlist on Dandin. 

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