Dandin goes to Mada Market

This should be fun. Pleased to announce that Dandin will be the music partner of Mada Masr during their Marketplace Event at the Greek Campus on Saturday, April 25th. Between the hours of 11am and 4pm the music on offer will be comprised solely of local and regional artists from the platform.

The four-hour playlist will run the gamut of genres from Tarab to Electronic, Pop and Rock, and even some poetry. The aim is to highlight the diversity of styles and talents found in contemporary music in the Middle East. This will be followed by live performances by the Ahmed Nazmi Quartet, Sukoon and Mada’s own leading DJ Habiba.

In their own words, the Mada Marketplace is “a lifestyle and marketplace event featuring local designers, artists, food, live music and entertainment. Exclusively curated by the Mada Masr team, the day-long event will offer guests a vibrant marketplace made up of local fashion, design, pop-up restaurants, handicrafts, accessories, art, records, books and more.”

Sounds grand, and for more details about the event click here for the event’s Facebook page. Finally, it would be remiss of us not to show you this video of leading Mada luminaries Amira Ahmed and Maha ElNabawi taking one for the team. Hope to see you there.

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