Dandin’s Ten Most Listened To Artists in 2014

Make way for yet another end of year list, but it’s yours, the listeners, not ours. Here’s the top ten artists you listened to on Dandin in 2014:

1- Zig Zag:

zig zag

Dreadlocked crooner Zig Zag was the most popular artist on Dandin this year. He also scored a double whammy with the most popular track.

2- 100Copies Music: 


The oeuvre of the 100Copies record label boasts a wide collection of tracks ranging from Electronica to Hip-Hop to Electro-Shaabi.

3- 7a7a – Sadat – Fifty: 


Amongst the pioneers of Mahragan music and Electro-Shaabi, the combination of DJ Amr 7a7a and MC’s Sadat and Fifty continues to bring the noise.

4- Mohamed Mohsen: 

Mohamed Mohsen

Another voice steeped in the tradition of Tarab music, Mohamed Mohsen also collaborates with the poet Mostafa Ibrahim for much of the lyrical content of his songs.

5- Smash Beats: 

Smash Beats

This Hip-Hop producer proved to be a smash on Dandin in 2014. Much more to come from him in the future.

6- Aly Talibab:

Aly Talibab

A very special talent, Talibab must be seen live to experience the full effect, preferably while onstage with El Manzouma.

7- Mariam Ali: 

Mariam Ali

Multi-instrumentalist with a voice that came bellowing down from the heavens, Ali has the whole lot.

8- Wael Eskandar:

wael eskandar

Rock music in both English and Arabic that courses with themes of political freedom, resistance and fighting injustice.

9- Fahed Riachi:

Fahed Riachi

Lebanese vocalist and Oud-player who crafts beautiful songs of yearning, and scathing ditties against sexual harassment.

10- Afify: 


Musical comedy, Afify takes well known regional songs, messes around with the lyrics and inhales nitrous oxide to belt out his reinterpretation.


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