Dina El Wedidi

One of the things we found most striking about Dina El Wedidi is her age. We’ve heard of her for quite some time naturally, whether as a solo artist or with the Nile Project or sharing the stage with the legendary Gilberto Gil.

And yet she’s only 27. In such a short time she’s managed to win over  a large fan base with her bold voice and obvious love for the music of our heritage.  This was put to good effect recently in an ensemble performance with Kamilya Jubran at 100Copies that included Abdullah Miniawy, Maryam Saleh, Nadah El Shazly, Nathalie Saba and Yasmine El Baramawy.

El Wedidi recently released her first full-length album Tedawar W’Tergaa (Turning Back), select tracks of which you can hear on Dandin, as well as selections from her back catalogue.

Hear Dina El Wedidi on Dandin.

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