Playlist Frenzy

We’ve been going a little crazy running through the new site and a byproduct of this has been a set of new and updated playlists by genre (though of course we use the term quite loosely). So whatever your poison may be, may you find it on this list.

Tarab Playlist:
Sonorous voices, searing violins.

Hip Hop Playlist:
Levantine or Egyptian, it’s all here.

Folk Playlist:
Wide scope of interesting music here.

Electronica Playlist:
Synths and spice and everything nice.

Alternative Playlist:
All that is beautifully other.

Rock Playlist:
All sorts of crazy guitar stuff going on here. And good tunes.

Mahragan Playlist:
Egypt’s newest music genre needs little introduction.

Pop Playlist:
More diverse than we might have imagined.

Poetry Playlist:
The spoken word deserves it’s own list.

Soundtrack Playlist:
Dreamy soundscapes and brooding motifs.

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