BLUFRANK Double A-Side MID(s) / Feelings Installed

Just in time for summer, uber-producer Blufrank is back with his heady mix of warped house, funk and disco. The new double A-side release MID(s) / Feelings Installed is all this and more and is apparently inspired by endless runs on Cairo’s Ring Road.

Sonically, Blufrank tells Dandinblog, the music is comprised of “augmented sound collages utilizing techniques of Micro-Sampling, Over-dubbing, Time streching, Pitch Shifting & Side-chaining  channeling a unique and an original sound that doesn’t rely on experimental techno/bass music trends nor pop-ish EDM music necessities.”

The first track MID(s) which stands for Manually I Drive, contains 43 different micro-samples ranging from Mount Kimbie’s “Home Recording” for the main melody all the way to a sample snare from Burial’s “Kindered”.

The second track Feelings Installed heavily chops up Alexander O’Neal’s “A Broken Heart Can Mend”. The double single’s artwork was composed of filtered and edited shots of captures from the 2008 animated film “Batman: Gotham Knight”.

All in all Blufrank returns with a release that fuses the best of House music, Psychedelic Rock, Funk, Afro-Beat, Disco & Boogie.

Hear MID(s) / Feelings Installed on Dandin. 


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